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Welcome to my recommendations page!  I'm asked all the time what I buy and where do I get things from?  I'm building up this page to include links to all the things I've discovered and actually use, it's taken me years to build up my list of trusty products - so hopefully I can save you a little time!  Enjoy! :)

Thrive Market - This is a great online store that is a combination between Costco and Amazon, but for more healthy products - they don't ship quite as fast as Amazon Prime, but still it usually arrives pretty fast (avg 4 days), the products they sell are often quite a bit cheaper than Amazon (Costco style), some of the products are actually hard to find elsewhere - If you use this link you can get an additional 15% off!  http://thrv.me/BUVj4h  Any orders over $50 ship FREE - I normally take advantage of this and order a few things at a time to get the free shipping.

Local organic produce in the Bay Area, California - I use a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group, they locally source everything from Organic Fruit and Veg to Grass Fed Beef, Dairy, Eggs, Spices, etc - You get to chose what you order each week and you collect it from your local drop off place on a particular day.  I've been using it a while and love it, if you're not in the Bay Area, CA you may have a similar scheme in your area.

Hair Salon - It took me a long time to find a Hair Salon that could accomodate my allergic reactions, with her low toxic products and actually do a great job.  I found Karen Lane at The Package is You in Los Gatos, CA - She is a gem and really talented (a former teacher for new Hair Stylists too) - Her number is (408)-395-6927 if you're thinking of switching to someone who listens and has a hollistic, healthy outlook on life.

Body Care - I really like the natural products from Made on Hard Lotion - They use just a few ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, zinc, etc - They were a life saver for me when I was allergic to nearly everything, including grains, soy and olive oil, yep every product I looked at had something in I couldn't use.  They sell great body lotion bars, lip balms, insect repellent sticks and bars (very handy on trips!) and I also use their rash cream as a great sunscreen due to the zinc in it!  Their stuff has worked great!

I've also included links to all my favorite items on Amazon, you can buy directly using your amazon account by clicking on any of the links below in any of the categories.

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